Still firing at 78


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Hakuna ujinga hapo...a man is meant to be productive as long as he's alive...even in the traditional African society bibi Yako akifika menopause ilikuwa lazima uoe mwengine ndio muendeleee kuzaaa....also he's preventing prostate cancer
Look at it from a different angle, someone will have to shoulder the burden of raising the kid. At 78 he's past his usefulness...


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How old was Jomo when he got Kamwana and the other younger ones? It is the age of the mother and wealth available that matters in reality...


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I agree but resources ndio muhimu...after all he's a si the mom is there na elder brothers haezi kosa mmoja
The brothers have their lives to live. They have their dreams and I don't think raising their lastborn is one of them. That's being very mean.

Hawa wazee ndio wanabebesha mtoto mzigo, kijana anajikaza anafika university na badala ya kufurahia maisha kama the rest anatafuta pesa akilipa school fees ya watoto wengine.