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I remember saving a lady in distress in such a manner in 1997.

I was listening to Tupac & Biggie when..... next door I heard " I WILL KILL YOU TODAY" with a baby wailing loudly in the background.

I dashed to their house and slammed my shoulders against the door, breaking the lock. The whole place was turned upside down, furniture everywhere.

As soon as i could adjust my eyes to the dim lighting, i saw the woman cowering in the corner, baby in her arms and

her husband coming out with a gun ... shocked shocked shocked

3 quick steps with my long legs and i flung myself across their small parlour like David De Gea saving a shot.

Several things happened at once - I saw the muzzle flash, heard the deafening bang & felt a hard punch to my chest

Just like an elephant kicked me. I was pushed into the woman's bosom pushing her off-balance.

She held me in her arms with her baby, blood was gushing from my chest..... i was wheezing embarassed

I then remembered the saying " If you hear a gunshot, you are not dead"

It turned out that i was lucky, the bullet had entered the metal whisky flask i kept in my breast pocket to drown my sorrows. cry

I looked up and i saw the murderous look in the husband's eyes....he was reloading.
To be continued