Stressed at work?Weed Em Out;King Yellow;Dancehall King Beenie;UB40 agony;wife's cooking

Ever so eager to demonstrate and appreciate my sweet and wonderful wife's culinary contortionism that awes all as only she can? Oh yeah she sure she can, trust me, and you insist she CAN'T?? Try her..

Perenially stresed at work? Boss avidly pestering you and squeezing out whiffs of pneumatic posterior gastrointestinal flexion right onto your face? Weed em out!

Walking around town with that stupid smile on your face that you won't wipe off coz Bae finally succumbed to your spirited antics? I bet you would too if you met her...

Bae cleaned you out then bailed on you.. leaving you hohehahe with a taste of pilipili hoho instead of pilipili "manga" in your mouth?? Where did you go wrong?

Your fiancee dared assert she doesn't like the reggae beat? This love must end!!
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