Stupidiest phone thief ever

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Picture this a lady got mugged off her phone last evening. Foolish thief i think ni wale str8 outta ghetto and is not up to date with technology....He goes to the phone , goes Whatsapp ya huyo dame and guess what.....wait for it..he just changed the babez Profile Pic to his and thot mambo iko sawa. Chic has mulikad the thief social media and police.

Is it jus me bt this mugger resembles that bukusu chokosh wa Ktalk..ule mwenye upenda Gilbeys..sijataja mtu


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In other news, thieves nabbed in Kiambu, these must be the chipo mwitu women trying to bring down their overhead costs, cooking oil must be accounting for a huge percentage of cost in their business
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Hio ya simu pia mm ishainihappeni...sometimes back in january mtu akaiba simu yangu....the bad thing akafika kama amechnge profpic ya watsapp....sema kumgonga...
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