Subaru Forester SG


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My mechanic told me when i buy Subaru nitafute mech mwingine coz tutakosana juu ya spares na maintenance is abit high compared to my Toyotas that he has repaired for over 10 years. Na pia ngata alisema its a consumer..
Another pal told me sasa ata mtaanza kuobana gari na mech juu ya vile utakuwa a regular at his garage
f**k him!!! I drive the same SG 5 turbo.Handles well, picks well. good to look at , doesn't break down easily! I repeat doesn't break down easily so the issue of frequent spares is neither here nor there.


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Ukianza kuuliza mambo ya fuel consumption then you cannot afford that car, look for something cheaper
Seconded. If you earn or make the kind of money that can afford you a car,i dont see vile fueling it should be a prob. Its like being able to afford a smart phone alafu unashindwa kuweka bundles,no sense


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