Subaru lion introductory price surprises many!

Upuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuusss. Do they know car parts and shapes are patented?? Its sad that Gov Nderitu, a former WorldBank executive is encouraging these pple instead of giving them direction. Wangetengeneza local tuk tuk/nduthi kwanza....with parts manufactured locally and belonging to none of the multinationals....otherwise....niguteee
Ama tractor plough.
Give credit where it's due.

Cars you're driving today started in the exact same manner...

Anyone remember Mobius Motors

The possibilities are endless. The guy is already getting GearBoxKE to come and design a better model using their 3D printers.

By the way, Kiira EV in Uganda which also started as a joke is now getting tested on the roads..