Kenya has been in a sort of master/slave relationship for a long time. Our local leaders since 1963 have kept the populace on their kneess with similar tactics. People have been brow beaten to the point of dismissing mediocrity, illegality, immorality etc with one-liners like "hivyo ndivyo kunaendaga". etc.
Moses Kuria & Babu Owino may be tools used to see how much nonsense guys can take and still hero-worship. Matusi can be traced back to "kuma ya mama zenu" days with Jomo. It's like every administration has someone with the job of being an abusive matafaka.
How to recognize subjugation:
1. People who feel subjugated often avoid situations where they may be torn between their eagerness to please and expressing their own opinions, needs and thoughts. This allows others to disregard them.
2. Individuals who feel subjugated often express that they have to do things or they should do things. The words "have" or "should" suggest that there are no other options available, which makes it feel like you have no choice. As a result, it is common for individuals who feel subjugated to have strong feelings of anger and resentment.
Ni hayo kwa sasa lemme subjugate this ugali-matumbo.

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