Super Duty Beast


Monocotyledon Combuster
The story of masculine motoring will never be complete without a footnote about this machine. I am patiently waiting for NYS3 nijitose ndani liwe liwalo. Hajj na Kinoti siwaogopi. I must buy a Raptor by all means, legal or otherwise, and buy I will.
@Makonika come see your own reflection in the paint job.
@Panyaste come with a ladder, you'll need it.
@kush yule mnono finally a boot unaweza toshea
@admin moving on from the old Cayenne
@FieldMarshal CouchP your Datsun 1200 can be hidden underneath.
@Kimakia & brown skin anzeni kuhesabu how many redds umenunuliwa will buy this.
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From USA to Australia for steering conversion then Kenya where Caesar really tries to dissuade you from owning such a contraption. Watu wako na pesa haki!

kush yule mnono

Retired Hekaya Master