Supreme Court quorum hitch hits repeat election case


Village Elder
Hearing of an application seeking to stop tomorrow’s repeat presidential election has failed to take off after the Supreme Court suffered a quorum hitch.

Only Chief Justice Maraga and Justice Isaac Lenaola out of seven judges were present when the court convened at 11am.

Justice Maraga started off by regretting that the hearing will not proceed as expected.

He said most of the judges were away yet the court requires at least five judges to be properly constituted.

"Following events of last night, Deputy Chief Justice Philomena Mwilu is not in a position to come to court.” Judge Maraga said.
“Judge Mohamed Ibrahim is unwell and is out of the country.”

He said Justice Jackton Ojwang and Smoking Wanjala were not able to attend the court session while Justice Njoki Ndung’u was out of Nairobi and not able to come to court.

“The matter is adjourned to a date to be taken at the registry,” Justice Maraga said.
Since there were no orders issued stopping the repeat election, they argued that the Thursday poll would go on as planned.

They said it was clear that the orders sought by the three applicants could not be granted until after the repeat election.


Village Elder
Funny how folks who were shouting on roof tops calling Judiciary wakoranetwork are so silent because it has gone their way.

We are an immature democracy and very hypocritical to say the least.