supreme court


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according to Davif ndii..(who i have a strong conviction that he's a villager here); They did so since they were the only ones remaining who could "stand up to the bully" that is the g.o.k. after fazul decided to test his new torch batteries on Africog n the likes. baba ata 54-percentiwa na hao majudge ashtuke


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For those who know this man and what he stands for, the image below should be very disturbing, considering the magnitude of the case at the supreme court.
No wonder vifaranga vya computer are breathing easy.


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Io picha ni ya 2016 you are trying too hard to spin bullshit!!!
So, what much has changed. Did Njoki recuse herself from the bench? Odunga became related to Orengo ages ago, why was it deemed an issue when Jubilee/IEBC were being spanked in court? You are trying too hard to guzzle down your own BS. Pipe down son.