supreme court

Mr Black

Village Elder
Nimeona an update inasema licence za Kura Yangu Sauti Yangu and We the People zimekuwa cancelled. Hao ndio walikuwa wa-file petition. Its still early though seeing that the deadline is midnight.

Those two are mere surrogates of KHRC and AfriCog, they style themselves as human rights defenders who interestingly come to life during the election cycle and only seem to share the opposition's point of view in all things. They will lodge a petition using one of their many briefcase NGOs or using some citizen(s).


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These peeps are planning something... Who knows what it is?? Meanwhile, waiting for midnight... Might see another lorry if not a trailer :D
They will sponsor one dim eye to rush at night...they would very much like to see the Supreme Court trip itself and the country again.