Susan Magara: an update

In late January 2018, I stumbled upon a kidnapping case in the Uganda social media.

The kidnapping of Susan Magara.

She was an accountant at her father's Bwendero Dairy Farm. Court documents indicate that she was killed on February 27, 2018, and her body dumped at Kitiko, Kigo in Wakiso district.

Susan was held hostage for over 20 days and at the time of her murder, her killers are said to have contacted her family and demanded $1m (about sh3.65b) to secure her release.

It is said her killers recorded her stay at a hideout where she was subjected to torture, including chopping off her fingers.

It is alleged that they mutilated fingers and a video recording of the incident to the family.

At the time of her murder, Susan's family is said to have paid ransom money believed to be over USD200,000 to the killers.

The main suspect was arrested and tried. Released on bail in March last year. And disappeared.

The police haven't been able to trace him.

While I never knew the lady, I followed her story closely.. updated you closely..

Today I update you, she didn't get justice, and the fear is, she might never get it.

Unless the police arrest the main suspect: Pato.

Why is he being tried anyway? ..hang the animal