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  1. admin

    admin Village Hero Staff Member

    The KCr service has been suspended until further notice. Apologies for the inconvenience caused.
  2. Ngimanene na nyeni

    Ngimanene na nyeni Village Elder

    Wacha niredeem zangu kwanza usituNakumatt wewe
  3. john_doe

    john_doe Village Elder

    It was a stupid idea good riddance
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  4. Fala 12

    Fala 12 Village Sponsor

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  5. nairobilay

    nairobilay Village Elder

    I demand my KCr...i had promised pink handles here KCr in return for their nudes. Now im being hounded huko inbox. @admin saidia
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  6. imei2012

    imei2012 Village Elder


    MISCHIEF Village Elder

    Hehe watu wamecheswa Hii further notice will never come.
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  8. It's Le Scumbag

    It's Le Scumbag Village Elder

    I will continue saying that it was a bad idea. Should not have even,seen the light of day.
    @admin good move...
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  9. gashwin

    gashwin Village Sponsor

    what was it about anyway?
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  10. Grundy

    Grundy Village Sponsor

    The stupid NVs can now leave the village. Thanks Admin.
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  11. Deorro

    Deorro New Villager Staff Member

    Nunulia yeye bikini bag
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  12. pseudonym

    pseudonym Village Elder

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  13. shocks

    shocks Village Elder

    Admin kwani umesota haraka aje?
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  14. imei2012

    imei2012 Village Elder

  15. Ngimanene na nyeni

    Ngimanene na nyeni Village Elder

    Ndio nimeona, this is the beginning of the end of ktalk mbeca hakuna
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  16. Chifu

    Chifu Village Elder

    @Mosa na ngombe wenzako can now leave. Did it take ages to realize it was a bad move from day 1?
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  17. It's Le Scumbag

    It's Le Scumbag Village Elder

    What secrets? Kwani umejoin that group that @biraru hates? Watu wa kuchemsha bluemoon asubuhi or as @Eng'iti says 'asubui'
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  18. Fala 12

    Fala 12 Village Sponsor

    @admin jibu huyu kwanza
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  19. Fala 12

    Fala 12 Village Sponsor

    Huoni ni end month kina cereal killer na old monkey wanahitaji mushahara
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  20. shocks

    shocks Village Elder

    Kwani wanalipwa na Kcr
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