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  1. Ndovukubwah

    Ndovukubwah Senior Villager

    Petrol heads in the house..... coil spring gani poa ya ground clearance without interfering with ride quality
  2. amun

    amun Village Elder

    wrong approach

    Key is to balance between rigidity/stiffness vis a vis intended drive terrain, make it too soft and you are wobbling like a yoyo , too stiff and offroad drives will be like riding a camel

    that said, if you find yourself in a situation where you have to use spacers and/or none spec coil spring to compensate for clearance, you are using the wrong car for the right terrain. think of switching cars

    but let me help you call in the wolf aka @introvert
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  3. The.Black.Templar

    The.Black.Templar Village Sponsor

    pia wewe umeget mazda demio kama @Grundy
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  4. Grundy

    Grundy Village Sponsor

    :mad::mad::mad::mad:...ni sawa tu chief, we shall revisit this matter since it is a well known fact that mzito Grundy and Demio cannot be used in the same sentence...ION @Ndovukubwah unafaa useme jalopy yako ni gani experts wa kijiji wakusaidie. But Monroe HD springs are pretty good
  5. Blacks4Trump

    Blacks4Trump Village Elder

  6. Philip J. Fry

    Philip J. Fry Village Elder

    Gari gani ? Niko na spring aids .
    spring 1.jpg
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  7. Ndovukubwah

    Ndovukubwah Senior Villager

    My elders,hii hapana demio its a sub legacy. Ku scratch under belly inaumiza sana and my daily terrain involves a lilo mbit of rough road and tarmac with jua kali bumps. Plus am that guy mwenye sipendi kupitwa na na premio
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  8. Philip J. Fry

    Philip J. Fry Village Elder

    I always reason that unless we are heading the same destination i have no reason to chase after you.Ile kitu sipendi ni mtu wa ku overlap or wale watu wa ku overtake ovyo ovyo.
    O mundu ateng'erio ni make.
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  9. 1776

    1776 Village Elder

    What exactly do these things do?
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  10. Philip J. Fry

    Philip J. Fry Village Elder

    The Spring Aid is manufactured from high density rubber and designed to be installed into coil springs to support them when towing or transporting heavy loads. They are easy to fit and available in 4 sizes which cover most vehicle applications.Suitable for Cars, Light Commercials & 4x4s
    • Helps support towing vehicle hitch height when hooked up
    • Reduces risk of springs bottoming out on uneven ground preventing damage
    • Helps with weight transfer when accelerating and under braking
    • Assists with stability of towing or heavily laden vehicles
    • The simplest way to support suspension on a towing vehicle.
    • Supports suspension when towing or transporting heavy loads.
    • Easy to install.
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  11. Mathaais

    Mathaais Village Sponsor

    This kind of idiotic thinking is the cause of many road accidents on the roads. Are you usually headed to the same destination as the Premio's or what point do you try to prove by racing them?
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  12. Luther12

    Luther12 Village Sponsor


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  13. Rivermbaji

    Rivermbaji Village Elder

    Progressive. ..