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I still find Kenyan laws too rigid to consider and acknowledge interest of its citizens. What logic lies behind outlawing g** marriages? I think it is unfair that we do not have any exclusive law(s) protecting Lesbian, g**, Bisexual and Transgender people against discrimination based on their marital and sexual interests.
A people's social principles are majorly drawn from their historical culture, yes.... Most of our historic cultures did not accept most of these. But why not be open minded and realize that LGBT practices have very little or no interference whatsoever on the rights of other citizens.
g** adopted children would be same as those adopted to barren or impotent parents. But contrary, practices such as sodomy are considered felony and can lead one to long jail terms...
What exactly lies behind these practices being considered illegal? On what logic are such laws based? Religious doctrines? Culture? Then we have freedom for all these.

Problem with faggots is that you give them an inch they take a mile ( no puns please).
Here is how it goes
1. we just want to exist without being hassled
2. We demand official recognition our unions must be recognized as marriages
3.Now that our unions are official marriages ,we demand same child adoption rights as other couples
4. Now that we have same rights as other couples we demand the right to hold out weddings in a church of our choice, dosen't matter what the church's official stand is on same sex marriage, to go against us is discrimination, same goes for hotels , cake shops etc...
5. Refer to us by our chosen gender pronouns not doing so is micro aggression
6. we find our selves where Canada is now it's the religious folks in the cold

Reminds me of the Arab ,the camel and the duststorm and the camels asing the arab if it could just put it's nose in the tent.... you know how it goes .