Swali Tu.


Village Chief
if IEBC does not come out early and clarify this bit there will be a disinformation campaign by either NASA or Jubilee to ensure some voters get stranded on election day. Na hiyo will harm NASA more

Mundu Mulosi

Staff member
yes, they programmed that way.
I don't so, the issue of ballot papers against registered voters per station is the only hinderence here. They are picking information from the same data base. In the general election IEBC had said they had send extra KIEMS kits all over the country in case there was failure or malfunction of some kits.


Village Sponsor
Can't happen, IEBC will only dispatch the number of ballot papers that correspond with the polling center's registered voters. Wakikubali hii there will be shortages and excesses everywhere on voting day. So lazima tu urudi Bungoma
Center yako ni kimilili ama ruiru?