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After I graduated from campus some years back, there's this chic who I met on the stairs while I was going up to our crib. Back then I used to crush in with my peroz so unaelewa tu ukigraduate ukihustle job unatulia na mapero after all nimekaa nao tangu nizaliwe so a few months wouldn't hurt. She was new in that estate and she didn't know her way around the estate. Specifically she asked to be shown the way to the shops and I gladly showed her. She was grateful for that and off she went. That evening we met at the gate and I just said hi as I went over with my business. The next day tulipatana kwa stage ya matatu and I said hi. She responded. Coincidentally we sat on the same seat her on the window side and I besides her. I was the first to break the ice, "Sasa ulipata shop ama ulipotea?", " eeh nilipata, thanks btw", I was looking how the convo was going. "Mlikuwa mnastay wapi before kuhamia huku?", " tulikuwa tunastay Donnie tukahamia huku Buru juu Dad alikuwa anataka nyumba kubwa", "iyo ni poa, naitwa Leon", " una jina poa Leon, naitwa Tiffany but unaeza Tiffa", at that moment i knew everything was going on just fine. Before we could go on she told me she was alighting at Uchumi so instead we changed numbers quickly so as asipitishwe. Nilienda tao nikiwa nafeel happy. I don't know how but I found myself mingling my way towards ladies but unfortunately I couldn't keep one guess the odds were biased towards me.

She was this somehow tall chic, chocolate in complexion, had a medium sized ass, pretty she was just amazing. At night we engaged ourselves in long chats, just knowing each other and the I was feeling the chemistry between us. She was this jovial lady and I think we connected really well. We talked for the next four days and she suggested a date. I obliged of course since I hadn't been on real dates. I asked her if she could kiss a guy on the first date, "yeah sure Leon I will kiss you, you are nice guy and you deserve it", I don't know how but the ladies I met most of them were like yeah you deserve it. I had this charm to make them want me but couldn't keep one for long. On the material day, she turned up for the date looking really glamorous with a plain white mini dress and a white purse you can get the picture. I was in my usual casual but nice casual, a casual shirt, jeans and loafers. Problem though she had tagged her friend along and she was to join us for the date. " Hey Leon, huyu ni beshte yangu anaitwa Denyque","Ooh iyo ni poa, Denyque nice meeting you, are you by chance related to Denyque the Jamaican Artiste?" I asked innocently. "aaaii apana, ni coincidence tulipewa jina moja", " ooh sawa iyo ni fiti, naona unatujoin, tutahave fun", "haha aki wewe Leon", and with that I knew I had hit the jackpot. Denyque was hotter than Tiffany and my oh my if given a choice I would have dumped Tiffany faster than how garbage is being dumped at the Dandora dumpsite. It was a good plan but one problem was that budget wasn't on my side for 3 and she couldn't chip in since she's still in campus and depends on her Dad for everything. I couldn't tell Denyque either to chip in that would be tantamout to a bad joke. Tiffany on her part didnt inform me earlier that Denyque would join us, she kept quie about it. But since I didn't want to throw away this chance, nilipigia maboys tulikuws tunapiga nao hustle na wakacheza kama wao. We went to some hotel in towm couldn't remember the name very well since it had an Indian name.

Most cuisines in there were Indian and were full of pepper. I just ordered what was cheap on the menu and it turned out to be some sweet tasting cuisine. Since hawa madame wanajifanya niliskia " Give us an order like his", sasa walikuwa wanataka kuletewa food ka yangu. It was good though since budget ilikuwa inasupport. Hapo nikaona nicheze ka mimi. Since Tiffany anitende kwa kuleta beshte yake bila kunishow nitamtenda pia mimi na huyu beshte yake. I turned and started giving Denyque more attention than her. She would ask questions and I would answer her. We would talk about stuff together for long. Tiffany aki try kuchip in tulikuwa tunamtoka design Denis Okari alitokwa na Betty Kyalo.She would ask something we give it a small response but then sisi tunaendelea na story zetu. I saw the anger and jealousy in her eyes. That's how I liked it. This was a way to show her not to repeat it again. It reached a point where she boiled stood up and was like, "Leon umekam date na nani?? Mimi ama huyu malaya?", Wow things were just boiling, " si we ndo umemleta si mimi", "Tiffany nani malaya?? Unaita nani malaya?? Yaani mimi beshte yako nimekuwa malaya??, Tiffany continued " Eeh si we ni malaya, si umefuck machali 12 na nawajua wote, we si ni malaya tu",. Now it was getting ugly, very ugly. They were airing their dirty linen in public which wasn't a good sight to behold. With all those accusations I lost respect for Tiffany, if that was the kind of girl she was then I think I better be without her. Denyque tried to contain but she couldn't the insults were becoming too much and she had to fight back too. "We ndo malaya mkubwa, nani hajui umeabort mara tatu", WTF yaani Tiffany with this innocence had aborted three fucking times. That was really hard. They had created an ugly such that had everyone's attention in the restaurant. It reached a point where a catfight broke out. With that security was called as those in charge couldn't control lest they be clawed by both bitches. Kuona ivo mi niliondokea kuenda kuonea vita nikiwa 18 sitaki kuwa hapo kati kati.They were on each other's neck with claws. Now it turned to a food fight. Plates were everywhere, yaani food yenye nimelipa ikakuwa weapon. Tiffany got outshined by Denyque and her whit mini dress had turned to some funny colours of mixed food. For a final blow, Denyque tore Tiffany's mini dress from the waist downwards. f**k Tiffany had nothing underneath. Alikuwa tu kavu kavu. " Sasa ona nani malaya kati yetu sisi wawili, wewe hata nguo huezi vaa", retorted Denyque. It was a funny site to watch. Things were brought to control but the damage had been done. What started as a good day ended up being a horrible day. I paid for the food nikajitoa haraka sana before niingizwe kwa ngori. Tiffany and I was a gone case my interest in her wasn't there anymore. I wanted to go on with Denyque but with those dirty secrets about her exposed, I was better of alone. Good thing after hapo I got a job and couldn't be able kumeet Tiffany eye to eye.

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