Taking the hot seat

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Wewe ndio uliuwa klost, ama ni bahati tu watu walipata site where ulikuwa unaongea pekee yako.
Kama klost hainge dedi na raia kuhama hapa, how long were you willing kujiongelesha before uchoke kulipa hosting fees
I was a lister for a long time and i love this community, i was not responsible for the unfortunate outcome. My interest is to be part of this community and as iv'e said before if the community finds another home, i will follow it there.


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Tell is more about this side hustle.
What inspired you?
Mullah? Where does it come from?
What criteria did you use to appoint mods? How much do you pay them?
Continuity plans in the unlikely event that whatever happened to kList happens?
The future?
Your other handles?
And finally, how do you feel when we insult you (na unajua hatuko serious?)
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