Tales za cheki maneno

Since I was about 9, I have had the privilege to own about 4 trendy cheki maneno. The first one was a bmx, bought from a neighbor who got a new bike. The second one was a queer bike bought in Ethiopia, looked like a typical black mamba, but was smaller sized and had the brand name Avon. My third bike got it when I was about 10, and was a sturdy mountain bike, Phoenix. The fourth bike just bought it about a year or two years back.

Sasa story iko kwa hiyo Phoenix MTB. I had made a name for myself, as the fastest bike rider in the estate or village using MTB. This bike and I were inseparable, I would ride it anywhere and everywhere. One usual chore ilikuwa kwenda maziwa every evening, a few minutes rides from my home. On Sundays, however, I had to go and get milk in the morning.

This one Sunday, nimetumwa maziwa as usual and within a few minutes, nishafika and the milk imepackiwa kwa container ya coca cola 1 liter zile za glass, and I start my way back home.

At this stage of the hekaya, it is essential I describe the topology of the road towards home. Once I left the milk place I had to climb a small hill, barely 200 meters long, take a short corner and ride on a flat terrain, then go downhill about half a kilometer on a slope that ended a few meters from the immediate road leading to our gate.

Sasa I have left the milk place and I am already done with the same hill. After that part, I used to get my hands off the steering and peddle as fast as I could. Kwa hiyo harakati I see this old couple in front of me, riding a black mamba (Raja) kama mama amebebwa hapo nyuma. The couple was headed to church.

When I almost reach this couple, the man decides to peddle away and creates a space between us. My mind tells me the old fellow needs a race. I shift my gears to the hardest level possible, place my hands on the steering and peddle away.

Sasa I can almost see the entrance to my home, and I tell myself guka isn't reaching that point ahead of me. The entrance to my home is on the right side, and I am riding on the left side, and guka is on the right side. A few meters from the entrance, I overtake the guka, and we are both at high speed. Once I am past them, I remember the TV series pacific blue, used to air on metro tv. I engage the rear brakes full time, turn the steering wheel to the right, place my right leg on the ground, and turn the whole bike towards the right. All this happens in a few seconds max. I am almost heading on my path to the gate, when I feel some some force hit my bike from behind, and I engage the same procss from before ( tulikuwa tunaiita mbathary ama Scrabble).

What follows next is a scream, "wooooi niwanjuraga" loosely translates to woooi you have killed me. I hear a thud and on looking back, both oldies wamelamba mchanga. My father wasn't around, and my mother couldn't punish me. But we had to carry the old woman to our house, where she spent the.whole day on the couch ordering me around for food and water