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  1. machoo

    machoo Villager

    Dear Ladies if your boyfriend is chewing Miraa na Muguka and you still kiss him its confirmed that you are capable of kissing a Goat,Sheep,Camel and other herbivorous
    This message is proudly brought to you by the Ministry of Livestock
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  2. wildfrank

    wildfrank Village Elder

    Kiti ikam...
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  3. shikoti

    shikoti Senior Villager

    meffi thread
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  4. Marty McFly

    Marty McFly Village Elder

    karibu sana bwana @machoo, Kalia hapo kiasi.
    5025-1 (1).jpg
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  5. shikoti

    shikoti Senior Villager

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  6. pamba

    pamba Village Sponsor

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  7. Yvonne-swirry

    Yvonne-swirry Village Elder

  8. Phylgee

    Phylgee Village Elder

    What about those chick's who chew?? I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw another refined looking lady who chewed Miraa... Still recovering :eek::eek:
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  9. david mugo

    david mugo Senior Villager

    keti pale
  10. mayekeke

    mayekeke Village Elder


  11. Princebushy

    Princebushy Senior Villager

    :D:D:D ati Goat,Sheep,Camel and other herbivorous who chew cud.