Tanzania's opposition leader shot.


Village Elder
The Canaan leader said that TZ is the best country to bench mark when it comes to democracy. He envy Magufuli
A lot is going on in tz making allegations to Magufuri is not right. .... They are in war with the world's best gold exporter, Tz govt says he worked wit em, what if those guys made this due to frustration of not being able to make em succed..

Check that company major shareholder cv... come bac wt ur arguements
Vita ya uchumi ndo huwa ni chanzo cha machafuko,

WWI, WWII, middle east crises, American war, na vita nyingine zoote chanzo chake ni uchumi!

Namwombea lissu apone mapema wakati nchi yetu ikipigana vita ya kuondoa ukandamizaji wa wazungu kiuchumi!