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Hii watu wa vihiga ni bangi mingi...i remember they were the first people to stone Mtukufu baba Moi's famed motorcade in the early 1990s...such an act was unthinkable back then
Our President Uhuru ndio alainza hii ujinga. Before he made those unfortunate statements both UhurRuto and NASA teams were able to go campaigning in each others strongholds.
Kenyans are just following Uhuru`s example, the Mwingi, Kisii delegation and Vihiga incidents are all because of his upuzi. Saa hii raia inajua such kind of behaviour ni sawa.

Angetulia kama Moi or Kibaki and strike when nobody is looking.


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This heckling nonsense heightens tribal animosity. People need to be more tolerant towards each other.
Let them hear this:- Verily, verily I say to them, go ahead and heckle one Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, President and Commander in chief of the armed forces of the Republic of Kenya, but please, pleeease, let William Samoei arap Ruto be!

Mr Black

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And this is why NASA totally hate the DP hence the smear campaign against him, that guy will go anywhere as long as there is an opportunity to convince people to cross over to his side despite how unpopular he may be. You can't stop him


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Even in a very hostile area, hecklers will not appear spontaneously. Hecklers are organized in advance and paid. Those hecklers were organised, somebody paid them and took that video. Does heckling win the organiser more support? I mean, why is nasa celebrating this?


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I'm hoping that Ruto's supporters in the Rift Valley didn't see this! Hao hawasamehei!
The country is polarised, whom do we blame?i have been to Vihiga, kakamega and Busia and from my assessent the ground is very anti-jubilee, amazingly Jubilee got a sizeable number of MP's, a very impressive feat. My advice is that both Raila and Uhuru should just concentrate on consolidating what they already have...si wote wanasema walishinda?ama namna gani...trying to win new voters this late is futile