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  1. kingolonde

    kingolonde Village Elder

    The only time men were allowed to watch soaps!!
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  2. AMB_Sunday

    AMB_Sunday Village Elder

    Hated that shit
  3. Luther12

    Luther12 Village Sponsor

    Wapi Wild Rose? Sons & Daughters?
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  4. temerity

    temerity Village Elder

    Knots Landing wueh,..Abby Ewing, Paige, Val, memories galore
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  5. msenangu baite

    msenangu baite Senior Villager

    walker texas ranger, relic hunter, parkers, generations, my 3 sisters, the long wait, kisulisuli, vituko na muhsin kwa taarifa!!
  6. Luther12

    Luther12 Village Sponsor

  7. Doc Oga

    Doc Oga Village Elder

    Wild Rose bado nakumbuka the theme song...sweet.
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  8. Soprano

    Soprano Village Elder

    Tu o nadie.
    No one but you.