TBT electric avenue edition

Meria Mata

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Today we kick off our trip down memory lane with Electric Avenue by Eddie Grant, ama kweli "wainaga nieroragira" days gone by would jump and kick my leg the highest while chanting to this song and shaking my dreads at the same time too, the wahengas were right eti ni mimi siwes kuruka hivo saa hii
Cyndi Lauper had this hit song in the 80s, Girls just wanna have fun
welcome to TBT

Meria Mata

Elder Statesman
Gurcharan Singh Chana (Kenya’s first Sikh Air Force flight Captain) With founding President Jomo Kenyatta at Kenya Air Force Headquarters, Eastleigh in the 70s.

After two decades of a fulfilling career as a fighter pilot, squadron commander and station commander, during which he trained many Air Force pilots, Chana retired from KAF in 1985.

He had retrained pilots after the August 1982 attempted coup d’état and had a brief stint at the Department of Defence as the officer in charge of logistics.

He also became the first Sikh to be elevated to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel at the Air Force.


Meria Mata

Elder Statesman
The 1987 edition of Harambee stars at the 4th All Africa Games.
Backrow: John Busolo, George Odembo, Austin Oduor, Ambrose Ayoyi, Sammy Onyango, Davis Oyiela, Charles Otieno, George Onyango Fundi, Peter Dawo, Wilberforce Mulamba
Frontrow: Mickey Weche, James Nandwa, David Odhiambo, Wycliff Anyangu, David Ochieng, Hassan Juma

when football was made in kenya, the natinal team players were house hold names sio kaa siku hizi siwes kukuambia keeper wao ni nani

Meria Mata

Elder Statesman
Kenyan athletes wait for a bus outside Olympic Village. They were on their way to the airport after their nation decided to boycott the 1976 Montreal Summer Olympic Games.
This is how legendary champion Henry Rono never became an Olympic champion
we later boycotted the Moscow Olympics in 1980 denying Henry Rono another chance after having broken a number of world records
@gashwin is it true that Rono became an alchoholic?