TBT Let it rain edition

I discovered this character (pictured below) amongst many other fictional creations when ,in the seventies, the Kenya National Library Service run a robust and organised Service around the country. Does the KNLS still exist I wonder?

Who remembers this character? What were his famous words?
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Is this Capt. Haddock of Tintin? Yes, KNLS is still there. Frequented the one in Nakuru.


Village Elder
Minister for Education Daniel Arap Moi, giving a tug of war his best shot
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I have to say that all the dictator type leaders I've ever encountered in my life were big fans of this sport!
From my headteachers to Moi.....
This is not a fair sport if you think about it!
It's always divisive and it favours the bigger and stronger opponent.
And that's what dictatorship is about........
(Just thinking out loud!)