TBT mid month edition

Meria Mata

Village Chief
Welcome to todays trip down memory lane, wangapi wanakumbuka the commondores, this was one of their best songs
Bobby Brown alikua mkali siku zake pia
theme song ya 2010 world cup haikua mbaya, wonder nani ata release ya this year na kaa ishatoka hebu wekeni
and this one dedicated to my African Queen
Scotland Yard detective Mr.John Troon walking into the Kisumu Town Hall Chambers where the Gicheru commission was sitting. Superintendent Troon was a window dressing intervention.In his book An African Memoir,another Western nation zealot of Republican America,Ambassador Smith Hempstone says that the 110 days spent in Kenya by Troon and his Scotland Yard team was an unwitting part of the cover-up despite the over 400 people interviewed.
Many African countries particularly Kenya have this postcolonial hangover of spending ridiculous amounts of money to go back to the 'mother country' in this case Britain,for certain professional help in criminal cases.They also do this to pacify the people.University students and advocates for political pluralism fiercely engaged Arap Moi's government to bring the Yard.
Africans should check the history of the top British police bureau and the corruption that has been exposed there since the 1970s. 29103877_10155167790181712_3482463542896931619_n.jpg