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Meria Mata

Elder Statesman
Field Marshal Kirita Ole Kisio alias Sangera was the second man in the Mau Mau command after Dedan Kimathi.

Ole Kisio, who was 37, was killed on September 3rd, 1954, after walking into a trap set by Black Watch Company at Narok, about seventy miles West of Nairobi.

Laying the ambush were two sergeants under the command of an African Company Sergeant-Major who had spent two weeks tracking his movements in the Maasai area.

When he was challenged to halt and surrender, Ole Kisio, who was dressed in a Khaki jacket and a Sam Browne belt, raised his gun and opened fire on the Company in a bid to fight his way out of the ambush. The soldiers fired back killing him instantly.

His body was then paraded in Narok for days in order to discourage other Maasais from joining the Mau Mau .

Kirita Ole Kisio was born in Narok in 1917. He later served with the Kings African Rifles in World War ll, but was discharged after only four years because of indiscipline.

In Mau Mau, most of his fighters believed he had supernatural powers, and that no bullets could injure him as he had survived many battles.

Another Mau Mau leader, General Ihura, was killed on the same day in Nyeri, after a Kikuyu tracker led a patrol of police and Kings African Rifles to a place deep inside the forest where almost 100 Mau Mau fighters were sitting around a camp fire.