TBT Thanks Giving Edishen

Na Karabai? wee unacheza. The guys who knew how to light it ended having slices kule walikua wanaitwa kuiwasha juu ya machismo associated with the knowledge
I never knew anyone who owned karabai except two that were owned by the neighbouring school. would be used for about two weeks a year by kcpe candidates for nightime revision. You would be god if you owned one personally.
And batteries were not considered finished until zianikwe kwa jua every afternoon apparently the sun recharged them!
Is that even possible by the laws of physics?
by removing the gas insulating the cathode I guess. The other solution would be to hit them using measured force to expel the gas. Hit them too hard and you would break the carbon(graphite) cathode.
Then advert zote za beer made me think drinking was the best thing on earth. Kwanza ile ya Tusker my country my beer
hehe...I couldnt connect the adverts and getting drunk. I thought drinking was limited to what the local drunkards(mostly old men) took and denied the whole village sleep uko ocha, but we had bottles from our parents history in the house and never knew that he once drunk until later in life when i connected the dots and some stories and demystified his apparently sanctified, irreproachable figure.