TBT Truckers, Knock Knees and Birkin Edition

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THE LADY WAS PRINCESS DIANA!!!! Not Prices Diana...what an abomination. I have taken the liberty of editing your post that I am replying to.
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Oriental Building - Mombasa - 1930s

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@kingolonde njoo mbio mkiwa na @paparazzi
Most elegant building in Nkurumah Avenue!
High Court Mombasa -1930s
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too bad they have let the guns rot away
Currently houses the Court of Appeal. There was a tussle between the judiciary and the Museums. After the Judiciary renovated the museums wanted to take it back. Team Maraga told Museums to go drying!


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Enzi Zetu
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this was before VCR, VCD, DVD, Flash disks and Streaming.
tumetoka mbali.
who can relate na hizi cinema mulikua munaziita aje?
name one movie uliona kwa hio screen
There was one in Machakos, somewhere called mavivye. Nasty fellows from that area. They took pride in peeing on your pocket as you watched the movie....them days
In Mombasa we had one at the Mbaraki police grounds! Damn movies had a narrator. Ole wenu kama ana shrub!


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July 1989_ then-President Daniel arap Moi ignited a pile of 12 tonnes of elephant tusks
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The irony in this picture of Moi holding an Ivory baton while burning ivory.

I think burning ivory is a very uncreative way of creating awareness since it's all forgotten as soon as the last embers go out. A massive sculpture of an elephant in a very visible place would have been better.

Also considering the value of the stuff a poor country like Kenya could just stockpile until the day it's ok to sell ( when there are no more wild tembo or the populations have rebounded enough to justify it).