TBT Withdrawal edition


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Aki High School I was either entertaining people or selling them stuff no wander my spelling sucks. I would sell them music and the lyrics.I knew all the lyrics to all the rap songs. Wah! Alafu I was never in class, music fests,drama fests,science congress, the only thing Id rather go to class for was sports. I was allergic to sports.

Tuseme kiherehere hukuanza Jana.


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TinTin 2.jpg

Sorry to burst your bubble once again but the original Tintin published in black and white circa 1930..... be "RAYCIST" ...racist vibaya to the core... Ati after the scribe was done with the Congo the natives built idols depicting the guy and his mongrel....then wait for this.... worshipped them!!!....Poleni anticlit brigade lakini cheki hizi link hapa chini......:D:D



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Withdrawal symptoms zimeniweza leo lakini TBT ni lazima, Today we kick off with a never aging legend, ata kaa ako na miaka 58 najua hapa kuna watu wanawes kamua hkm. am talking about Madonna.
Growing up in the 80s when we had only VOK general service for english songs lazima ungeskia Madonna mara kaa tatu in an hr. Ni ngoma gani ya Madonna hukubamba?
this one dedicated to @Female Perspective
this one goes to @pseudonym
na hii ya @GeorginaMakena
Finally remembered the song title: