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  1. Afro

    Afro Village Elder

    I once witness such incident from a far in maragua river.. could that have been you?
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  2. ngojera

    ngojera Village Elder

    mine was in class 5... there used to a certain guy who particularly choose me to be his punching bag. He would eat my lunch, take my books anyhowly esp when the teacher is not in class. When going home, he would sneek up on me especially when unanunua maembe alafu umeweka chilli... then either anakuja anachukua anachapisha chini kwa vumbi or he takes it all and eats it...

    Am not a short-tempered guy but his often activities made me boil inside... so i made a vow, one day i will eliminate him.... how? i dont know.
    So one day, he takes my lunch as usual, eats it up and am soooo hungry. I played cool, in the evening, i knew he left late around 5.30pm and the class 5 block was usually vacant by that time. So i waited for him to come pick his bag and at a certain corner, i waited. I hit him on the stomach (samwea near the diaphram) and the guy fell on his stomach and gave a groan equalling a dying man... nikampiga teke ya tumbo tena and he said something which wasnt clear to me. He didnt stand, he was just there not moving.

    I picked my bag and went home mission accomplished. When i reached home, i thought of asking my dad,

    "Dad mtu akiua mtu nafanyiwa nini?"
    "Anashikwa na polisi, anapelekwa kotini, alafu ushahidi ikisema ni yeye, anauliwa au anafungwa maishayake yote."

    "Na asipojulikana ni yeye au washindwe kumpata?"
    "polisi ni werevu sana, wanajua kushika mtu, lakini wakishindwa atawachiliwa"

    Dad: "kwani umeona mtu akiuwa au ni wewe"
    Me: "hakuna, kuuliza tu" (deep down am silently praying the guy doesnt die)

    That was the longest night in my childhood life...
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  3. ngojera

    ngojera Village Elder

    waaahhh.... this is bad...pole sana
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  4. old monk

    old monk Moderator Staff Member

    Haiwezi kuwa he was a boy in pre colonial era.
  5. Liberty

    Liberty Village Elder


    Utarudi Afrojiri sacco lini?
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  6. gashwin

    gashwin Village Sponsor

    He he...nilitaka kumwambia kama aliwitness nikibebwa basi yeye ndio Methuselah:D:D
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  7. 1776

    1776 Village Elder

    @Mrs4thletter, how old were you when you're aunt's husband (you're uncle by the way) tried that?
    What was the context/situation?

    Pole sana for that.
  8. old monk

    old monk Moderator Staff Member

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  9. Tarantinoh

    Tarantinoh Village Elder

    We once went dufu mpararo in a quarry, back in 89, I was in class one, my pal Ajek was pushed into the deep part by Kalulu a squint eyed bully, Ajek struggled for a moment until Ngwa my older cousin who heard our shouts for help dove in and rescued him. Kalulu got a beating that made him spit out a few teeth. I went swimming a decade later, but to date I prefer my water from the shower cap, bucket and in a cup.
  10. Mrs4thletter

    Mrs4thletter Village Elder

    5/6 both incidences happened around that time, auntie's husband, I was left with him to baby sit me, akaweka sarafina, then akani beba nimkalie , after a few minutes he started caressing me, I thought it was weird when he pulled dress up and tried to put his hand in my knickers I decided to make a run for it so I yanked myself from him and ran out thank heavens the door wasn't closed, went yo the land lady's house ,said nothing and refused to leave until my mum and my aunt came for me in the evening, the bugger was/ is a pastor he
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  11. Tarantinoh

    Tarantinoh Village Elder

    Damn, that's why I don't go to church.
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  12. Electronics4u

    Electronics4u Village Elder Staff Member

    Pole sana. Do you still see eye to eye?
  13. Mrs4thletter

    Mrs4thletter Village Elder

    I see him once in a while, i do not give him an ounce of my time, one time i caught him ogling, felt like i could stab him
  14. jumabekavu

    jumabekavu Village Elder

    Karibu nishikwe nikiiba nyama ikiwa kwa moto, ilibidi nimeze ikiwa moto ndio grand asininyake. Nilitoka mbio hadi chooni, hiyo uchungu ilifanya nisikie kunyora.

    Mimi na maharaka zangu na kuruka ruka juu ya uchungu kwa koo. Kichwa cha mboro kikanyakwa na zip. Waaah!

    Dunia ilinipiga pause sijui for how long, but niko sure ilisimama, coz hakuna kitu nilikuwa naskia ispokuwa a tiiiiiiinggg sound kwa maskio.

    Mahali hiyo zipu ilinyaka, ilikwamia hapo. Mbele hakusongi nyuma hakutingishiki. Hii scandal ilibidi grandma amejuwa. Ile nduru nilitoa wacha tu.
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  15. Juguma dee

    Juguma dee Village Elder

    If you cheat??