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Teaching practice experience part one

Life as a TP was fascinating I had heard so many stories but finally my time was here. The choice of the school you were to do your attachment was to be decided by the university but of course the TP coordinator was my personal friend so I had a chance to choose my own centre. During my fourth year first second semester, it was remaining barely two week to start my tp. Of course I had chosen my school wisely. The beauty queens of Cardinal Otunga Girls High School Bungoma. For those of you who don't know about the school am sorry but it's like if you are interested in joining the school then you had to send a prior passport for beauty check. The girls were extremely beautiful. Being a man I waited patiently for the two weeks to elapse. During my final examinations, ESM 410: Educational management and administration, my mind was clouded with the images of these beauty queens coming for consultation. Of course I was not thinking about anything else but having the thought of over eight hundred teenage girls around me drove me crazy. That means about 1600 protruding boobs pointing at me(leave alone hizi zingine hukaa kama slippers) yaani nyonyo zimesimama pap. With such thoughts I wonder how I got an A in this course. I swear I knew I was going to get a supplementary but God forgave me my evil thoughts saving me the embarrassment.

From my institution: Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology of course four of us had been given a chance at Cardinal; three ladies; Dorcus, Catherine and Elizabeth and me the only man. This made me a hot cake already. My hyena mode was activated instantly. Out of these three ladies, two of them were third years; Catherine and Elizabeth while Dorcus was a finalist like me though she was taking French and Religion while I was seriously clobbering Kiswahili and Geography. This means we were virtually strangers to each other though they all knew me because I was their class rep since first year and their Academic director during my final year. In the university I was also the MMUSDA (am an Adventist) prayer coordinator meaning my sexual escapedoes were truncated. None of them knew me as a hyena. Infact during one of the social Sundays at kakamega forests one of my churh mates; Kemunto literally asked me if I knew the female anatomy. Don't ask me the reply I gave her because it was a social Sunday so I gave her a social answer anchored with a quote from the spirit of prophecy Letters to young lovers and the AH not forgetting several verses from the Holy Bible.

Let's come back to my TP. Here am not the prayer coordinator neither am I the academic director, I am a man among with three ladies at my disposal with over eight hundred teenage girls, virgins included. I felt lucky so lucky that I started fantasies on how I was going to have a duty rota.

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Teaching practice experience

Part 2: First day in school

The school was opening for the second term in 2015. The girls had reported the previous day. So I woke up at five. Being an extra county School, lessons began at seven. Assembly was held as from six thirty before a staff brief from the school principal: Mrs Christine sifuna a no nonesense madam.

Being the day we were going to be introduced to the girls we I had to look smart not to send a wrong message not only to the school administration but also to my potential catchies among the damsels before me. So being from an Adventist background, I was used to doing official wear which I do up to date of course (if you don't believe me check my profile picture).I ironed my black trouser, my white shirt and my black necktie, I also picked my black leather belt that I had bought the previous day and my golden watch worthy 4500 thanks to the money that I had accumulated in Garissa during my long holiday. After taking a shower, I applied petroleum jelly (Vaseline for it's the only brand I use), wore my clothes, A black trouser, white vest, white shirt, black boxers, black belt, my watch on my wrist and completed my outfit with black leather shoes. I looked in the mirror and was happy that indeed I was smart and left for school. Being a distance I used a motorbike.

I arrived some minutes before assembly time. Surprisingly I was the first Attatchee to arrive so automatically I was included in the MODs list. I was walking around I could feel the eyes of the teachers following me. I felt proud.

And there came the Assembly time, my fellow TPs had arrived. Being a TP I had to wait to be introduced by the school principal so as I could officially show off my prowess. After short speeches from the students and teachers there came the time for introduction. My colleagues were introduced first, that is when I learnt that other universities had sent Attatcheees too. KU had sent three male trainees and two female one making a total of ten Attatcheees. And there came my time to introduced, I gathered courage and remembered the words of my lecturer Dr. Otieno. "The first impression will either make or destroy you." So I took the advice, I chose to use Kiswahili rather than English as used by my predecessors. I thanked the principal, and gave my simple expectations from the students, surprisingly after my short speech the assembly exploded with claps. Hapo nikajua I have scored, even the school principal commented on my linguistic prowess. After the assembly all talk in the school was about me.

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Teaching practice experience

Part 3: The staff meeting

Being the first day of the term, we were to hold a staff meeting for subject allocation and have the term calendar. So after the assembly we all walked back to the staffroom. In the staff room is when I discovered indeed the men are an endangered species in this school. The school had 46 regular teachers plus the ten Attatcheees the total number was 56, surprisingly out of these only twelve were men, I included mark you most of the female teachers were below 30 years part from the principal, her deputy three others. I really thanked God because with all these cuties around my hyenahood was growing daily making me salivate fisi ni fisi tu.

I don't know why the students of KU tend to think that they are better than other trainees for they isolated talking in low tones, from their dressing code one could deduce that they are city boys, wearing tightly fitting clothes as if they applied grease on their bodies before sliding into their clothes. But this did not deter me from doing my best. All this time I felt the eyes of teachers on me.

After around thirty minutes of talking and sharing the school principal arrived and the staff meeting began. We introduced ourselves once again and as normal the KU guys introduced themselves in English as they had done on the assembly but I chose to stick to my Kiswahili once again. To my surprise the school principal once again commented on me and added "you are smart Mwalimu, napenda umilisi wako wa lugha" a good compliment at the right time. Another score for me. We were taken through the school schedule, we were also told what is expected of us as the teacher trainees. A leader was to be chosen among us the trainees, the KU guys being more decided to have one their own. But I did care because I had already scored above them already. We were also told of the departmental offices but we were strictly warned by the school principal not to use the offices lest we use them as a den to consume her girls. She also told us that her girls can be naughty too. Personally I liked that bit because I came specifically for that, I wanted to experience the naughtiness of these girls, to hold them in my arms, feel their sharp boobs pinned against my chest.

The staff meeting ended at around eleven thirty and all teachers dispersed to their respective departmental offices. At this point the deputy principal called me to her office for a talk. Waa the madam was hot, she was in her late thirties and looked more like a in her early twenties. We talked about the school in general before she asked me where I reside, my age and other personal details. It was during this talk when I discovered that she is a divorcee and she had already liked me, woow things were falling in place one by one.

From the deputy principals office I went straight to the staff room where my fellow trainees were seated. They were all amazed at my freedom in the school. The girls from KU came to talk to me in English trying me. Fortunately my command of English is on another level and that forced them to change to sheng just to outshine me. I knew it and maintained my English, the language they started with. By the end of the day I had talked to almost all the teachers. When we left school I was happy, leaving with my head held up knowing I command respect among my fellow TPs and the regular teachers too. Woow thanks to my mother and the Adventist Church for teaching me how to dress and carry myself out not forgetting my language teachers at Kolanya Boy's high School. When I arrived in my room my phone vibrated. MZC04PR1Z confirmed you have received 2585 from Ochola Christine. Followed by a text "Mwalimu tomorrow come to school early, you will supervise the breakfast for the girls" Waa the deputy principal

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Teaching practice experience

Part 4: The morning with the deputy principal

That night I slept smiling but before I retired to bed I prepared my clothes for the next day because I knew ilifaa nirauke. I even took a shower in advance. That night I dreamed of the beauties I met during the day. The deputy principal took most of the scenes in my dream, infact she was more of an angel than a human. In the dream she looked like sweetie sixteen. Hehe huu ufisi utaniua.

I was still in Dreamland when my phone ringing. I checked it at there it was; the deputy principal calling. It was around four thirty. I picked the phone and her sweet voice came through " good morning sir, kindly be in school before five, the girls will start taking breakfast at exactly five. She hanged.

How on Earth does this madam expect me to see these cuties at that time? I asked myself but potelea mbali let me run to school. I dressed decently, a brown trouser, white vest white shirt (I love white check my profile photo for evidence) a black belt and black shoes not forgetting a stripped neck tie. With my watch on my wrist I arrived at the gate at four fifty. Being early the guards did not allow me in unless with a good reason. I texted the deputy principal who called the watchman to allow me in. Idiot I mummered. The deputy principal then texted me to go to her house so as we could go together in the DH. When I heard going to her house my heart skipped a beat. Kuna nini? I asked myself. I had no option but to go, the thought of being close to her made me walk faster than I expected. I reached at her door and pressed the bell. I heard movements from inside and I waited for her to open the door. The door was opened but the lights were still off. Come in Mwalimu she said moving aside. I hesitated and it's like she noticed it and quickly told me not to worry for she was alone in the house.

I entered the house and requested her to light up the room. Her house had two bulbs, instead of lighting the normal one she went for the disco lights. Waaa when the lights came on what I saw was unbelievable. The deputy principal was there in her nightie, under the disco lights she appeared more beautiful than ever before. (Those of you who club can bear witness). Her nightie covered nothing, I mean nothing and if a hyena says nothing he means nothing. It was a net like dress that had nothing to do with her knees, it just ended slightly past the waist exposing her well rounded hips. Being transparent I saw the honey pot covered with a white cap. (Idiot stop imagining what I saw), her upper side was braless, the medium boobs were clearly visible from a distance. This woman must be a witch I thought, how can she call me in her house when she is dressed like this? A man is a man, my erectile gogolo was already doing press ups. "Am sorry Mwalimu, we don't supervise the girls in this school, they prefects control the other students. I just wanted to have you around" she said with a broad smile on her face exposing her white snow teeth. Saitan ni mwanamke, huyu hanijui, i said in my heart. All this time I was silenly seated.

The deputy principal came to where I was seated and held my hand, her touch activa the hyenahood in me, without a second thought I woke up, held her hands looked straight into her eyes and asked madam Ni nini? Instead of an answer she pulled me closer to herself and gave me a deep kiss, I could not resist this. I kissed her hungrily, being a good kisser we kissed for around ten minutes with my hands running on her body. I played with her boobs occasionally sucking them, as I sucked her boobs my fingers were working wonders in her eskanunu. I could hear her breath change and her heart rate increase. Mmm you wanted it, I decided to use my tongue magic, by now I was in my boxer and vest alone, I pushed her over the sofa, lied on her top, kissing her passionately sucking her boobs and my fingers teasing the honey pot, she gradually let loose her legs since I had removed her pants the this gave me the opportunity and freedom to do wonder, I did what I do best, sucked her occasionally fucking her with my tongue, madam was literally shaking calling me all the sweet names. She grabbed my boxer and before I noticed it she was having my gogolo in her hands ready to push it into her nunu. Then the unexpected happened, the door bell rang and we heard noise from outside, students were fighting and she had to attend to them. Shiiit how can this be when I was about to hit her....

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Teaching practice experience

Part 5: The unexpected

Am sorry Mwalimu, please wait for me here, don't leave. Let me deal with these girls I'll be back shortly. Madam said. Anger and disappointment written all over her face. Of course I was disappointed too. How can you fail to be angry by such? When you are about to eat your prey then it's taken away? Those of us who eat mutura knows how it feels when you buy your delicacy then as you are taking it to the mouth someone hits your had and the mutura goes to the ground. I watched madam leave the house and imagined where I could be now if these silly girls had not interrupted everything. Wait did I call them silly? Noooo these are not silly, the beauties of Cardinal Otunga, the finest girls you can ever meet.

Madam took longer than she had expected as the girls had injured each other. She had no otherwise but to take them to the hospital, the school dispensary did not offer stitching services. Now you know the extent of the damage these damsels had caused to each other. On her way out madam came to her house to inform me of the proceedings, Mwalimu it can't happen, we can't do it today, I have to get the girl to the hospital. My concentration was not even in her words, my eyes were fixed on her chest, madam was around thirty seven but her boobs were still firm and pointing, yaani nyonyo zimesimama na huwezi jua amekuwa mkubwa!! This made me wonder if she has any children. All in all she gave me simple instructions, where to get breakfast, showed me the bathroom and the keys to the house and told me leave before daybreak. She kissed me lightly before she left. I could still feel her heart beat going faster. Mmmm kumbe pia bado anataka.

Now I was alone in this house. I quickly took a shower. Ate my breakfast, a heavy meal indeed and left the house. I carried the keys with me since I didn't know where to keep them.

It was around six twenty when I arrived in the staff room. Some teachers had arrived including some.of my fellow trainees. When I entered I discovered they were talking about me for they all stopped talking and looked at me. Mum taught me courtesy so I had to greet them not waving at them, being a Luhya we believe in handshakes, wachana na hii ya Raila na Uhuru. I moved around greeting each and every teacher complimenting them individually. As a man praise a woman on her physical appearance and they will all be in smiles.

I went to my working point pretended to be preparing for the day but in real sense my mind was clouded by the images of the deputy principal. I was feeling her firm boobs on my chest, her passionate kisses, the fragrance of her perfume, woow was I dreaming? "Good morning Greg" this brought me back to reality. It was Anne, a beauty queen from KU she extended her hand to me, "Good morning too madam" I replied. You are smart and beautiful. I added. I saw her lips burst into a smile and I knew my words had the intended effect. Objective achieved. Thank you Greg, she replied and left for her working point.

I was still thinking about the morning evens when my phone vibrated, a message alert. "Kindly Mwalimu attend the the Kiswahili lesson in form 3B for me, am still in the hospital, I miss you" It was the deputy principal again. This madam how can you miss me when you are such a beautiful woman? How many young men have you told the same statement? But this was not what got my attention, my attention was caught by the fact that she told me to teach a senior class, this was not normal as all teacher trainees were allocated lessons in the junior classes. This madam trusts me and I was not ready to fail her. I called her back to ask which aspect should I handle and she gave mey favorite, Fasihi, Kidagaa Kimemwozea, the set book that I had read and had everything at my finger tips, another sure bet.

When the bell rang announcing the beginning of the lessons, I took my set book and went straight to the class. My presence in the class elicited mixed reactions in the girls and they started talking. As a teacher class control is important, I gave them simple instructions and silence was maintained instantly. Woow so I have such authority over them. I introduced the lessons and opened door for the reading and discussion. I explained all the finer details to the girls answering all their questions without referring to the text, once in a while I could see the girls look at me with amazement after confirming that everything I taught matched word by word from the text. Being almost their agemates they loved the lesson. The bell rang to announce the end of the lesson. As I left the class I saw the principal standing next to the class. Waa she has been listening to me? For how long had she been there? What was her take of my lesson? Why was she trailing me? I felt worried but the smile on her face assured me that it was well.

In the evening, the principal called me to her office. When I entered she smiled once again and told me, "Mwalimu you are such a good teacher. For how long have you been teaching?" She questioned.

This is my first time madam I answered, "Then you are a natural teacher, we are lucky to have you in my school" She told me as she requested for my phone number. This was another surprise. I gave her my number and left the office.

I remembered the deputy principal's keys. I can't go with them, I went to her office but she was not there. I called her to ask how she could get her keys. I was surprised when she told me to take the keys to her house. Hehe not again. With the unexpected turn of events in the morning, my instincts told me what you are also guessing now. I went to her house, pressed the door bell and exactly as I had thought when she opened the door, alikuwa amejifunga leso, just from taking a shower, come in Mwalimu

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Teaching practice experience

Part 6: late night with the deputy principal

Vitu vingine ni majarabu tu. So this madam was at it again. A beautiful woman, she deserves the adjective beautiful. And there she was in a leso. Unajua vile hawa wanawake hujifunga leso, only covering the nyonyo and ending before reaching the knees. I saw her brown thighs, mapaja kama nyanya yenye inakaribia kuiva. Smooth and glittery, sikuwa nimeona hii asubuhi because of the disco lights. I had already undressed her in my mind making my Iheanacho to start warming up. By the way am blessed with an Egweji, you might think am from Nigeria for Everything in Nigeria is big. Madam looked at my lower abdomen and smiled, she could clearly see the effect of her charm on my manhood. Leo lazima I must comsume her.

We stood there looking at each other for quite some time, no one was ready to make the first move, but the unexpected happened, leso likaanguka. I don't know if it was intentional or accidental but the imagine of madam standing before me in a pantie alone made me mad. I had a clear view of her well formed body. Honestly it's like madam hakuwa na mtoto. Judging from her nyonyos hakuwa amewahi nyonyesha, her nipples looked like that of an adolescent, in short ni kama zilikuwa zinaanza kumea, her boobs were like two oranges placed on her chest. She had a flat tummy that gave her an amazing figure. Oh poor madam, how can a man divorce such a beautiful woman, she is a true definition of beauty.

It was like madam knew my favorite color as she was in a white pants, my favorite color. The site of her chocolate skin in a white pants made her more attractive arousing the desire to have her more. My rod of Moses became more erectile and firmer. Of course a man cannot use both heads at the same time. You either use your brains or d*ck, the latter failed me so the d*ck took control. I took a step towards madam who came towards me too. We met at the centre, held our hands and hugged. I felt her sharp nipples press against my chest. This stimulated my adrenaline more. We started kissing once again with my hands playing with her butts. Am a good kisser of course, I went for her tongue, that proved to be a mistake on my side for madam took the lead in this making me feel a learner. Here I had met my match in kissing. I pushed her back to the sofa again, just as I did in the morning, she had already removed my clothes and I was in a boxer and vest. Romance continued, kissing passionately, I sucked her nipples with my hands fiddling with the boobs. It was such a pleasure. I decided to go for her honey pot, I removed her pants which she cooperated by spreading her legs, her eskanunu was so clean, just from being washed and was already wet. I went for my magic, the use of the tongue, an art that I had perfected. My left hand was playing with her boobs, my tongue stimulating her Clitoris as my right hand fingers were teasing the entry point. Madam was literally shaking with pleasure.

Woow Mwalimu you are so good, how I wish I met you earlier, I had never felt this way before. Her words encouraged me to perform even better. I could feel madam moving her abdomen faster and I knew what was next, she was climaxing, I intensified my stimulation and oooooo let sighed splashing a jet of fluid on my face, she squirt!! This made her mad, she tore my boxer, grabbed my erectile gogolo and pushed it inside her honey pot and started riding. I felt the warmth of her pu**y making me feel the pleasure more. I had not played sex for over two years now. Remember I told you I was a prayer coordinator. Sex was sin. Madam had a tight pu**y, you could think she was a virgin. She controlled the game very well. I could feel my d*ck literally being chocked by her vaginal muscle. What a pleasure. When I was about to climax, I took control, akakuja chini, I lifted her left leg on my shoulder giving me an acute angle of penetration. I gave her a hard f**k giving her maximum pleasure. I felt her increase her abdominal movements once again and I knew it was time, I increased my speed while maintaining a deep penetration, she was already screaming, I felt my sperms flowing, madam grabbed me and held me so tight making it difficult for me to pull out and waaaaa almost a litre of my cum was deposited in her eskanunu. The next thing I remember we both woke up at eight thirty.

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Teaching practice experience

Part 7: The principal's call

We woke up feeling relieved. I felt happy that I had banged the most beautiful woman. Not just a woman but the deputy principal. We looked at each other and smiled. We were both naked. I helped her clean up. I took a basin of warm water with a soft clothes then cleaned her up. She also did the same to me. "Mwalimu wewe Ni mdogo kiumri lakini ni fundi wa mapenzi, hakuna mwanaume ashawahi nifanyia haya, ahsante sana." I Never expected that from her, infact I thought she was lying to me but her eyes showed it all. She was being honest. I didn't have the right answer for her but I answered by holding her hands, reminded her that she was very beautiful and kissed her lightly. This made her shed tears, I didn't know why but I felt it for her. I took my handkerchief and wiped out her tears. "I have to go" I told her as I headed to the door but she told me to wait for her for a minute, she was still in her white pants without clothes. She went to her bedroom and came back with a wrapped gift. She handed it over to me and instructed me to open it when I have reached my room. I thanked her, before I left I reminded her of her beauty and kissed her goodbye.

On my way I was thinking of nothing else but her. What can make a man divorce such a beautiful woman? Madam has everything a man can need in a woman but I thanked God because if she could be married then probably I could not have had such a great experience. I was fantasizing everything, her expertise in bed is on another level. Such thoughts made my erectile gogolo to be stubborn again.

I arrived in my room at around eight fifty five since I used a taxi not my normal bodaboda. I looked at the gift once again and decided to check what it was. Before I could open it my phone vibrated, it was an MPESA message, the deputy principal had sent me 4600 shillings followed by a text "Sorry for keeping you late Mwalimu, buy your supper. 4600 for supper hehe ni kama ndoto. I called her back and said thank you. My mother told me always to be grateful. I opened the gift and what I saw surprised me a brand new Samsung S9 (the phone am using up to now) with a note" I had bought that for my husband but he was not worth it, you are more than a husband to me." I felt her love for me. Mapenzi ni matendo si maneno. I wanted to call her back to ask her why but I let it go but promised myself to find out.

I was still thinking about the Samsung S9 when my phone started ringing. It was a new number. Who could this be? Ignoring calls in not my cup of tea so I picked up and a familiar voice came through" Hello Mwalimu, am sorry for calling you this late" it was the principal, I recognized her from her deep voice. She told me that she had loved my lesson earlier that day. She also informed me that the girls had confined in her that am a good teacher. I didn't know if she was playing games or she meant it. We talked for a long time but what surprised me was when she asked me to offer remedial lessons for her daughter. That's when I realized she was serious. Her daughter was a student at Mukumu girls kakamega, how was this going to be? Before I asked about it she told me that the girl will be coming home every Friday for the lessons then go back to school on Sunday evening. She gave me an irresistible offer 10k per month. She also told me that she was going to visit her over the weekend and requested me to accompany her so as to see the girl and finalize on the deal.

Tired after the days activities (consuming the deputy included) I felt like resting. I texted the deputy a good night but she responded by calling back. She asked if I had eaten, she showed more concern to my well being. After the talk I retired to my bed and within no time I was dead asleep

Teaching practice experience

Part 8: The principal's daughter.

As the principal had told me earlier over the phone, we visited her daughter together. We used her personal car of course. Harrier to be precise. I wanted to use the back seat but she insisted on me sitting in front with her so as we can talk as we go. I didn't know why but that was it. We sat together and I became a co driver.

The principal was modestly dressed. What I didn't know was that her dress was self adjusting. Any movement in her body pulled it up. At first she pretended to pull it down but this could not continue for a long time. Her vehicle was manual meaning she had to keep on changing gears. This made it worse, in her operation of the gear lever she occasionally pulled her dress up exposing her thighs. What a hell is this? I wondered. It reached a point where her lower anatomy was literally visible to me. Thank God the windows were tinted. Nobody else saw what I was seeing. As if that was not enough she requested me to pick her phone that had just fallen near the break pedal. Of course am a man and we always aim for the highest, as I was picking the phone I was tempted to look beyond the thighs. Saitan. This is the worst temptation, madam shifted her left leg towards the clutch, this gave me a clear view of her eskanunu. As if she sensed it and wanting to provoke me more she moved alittle bit forward increasing the field of view. Waa these women are witches. Madam was wearing a red thong. For those of you who don't know a thong please it's a catapult like pantie. My mind moved quickly but I managed to control myself. After regaining my position madam looked at me and smiled. From the smile I knew that everything that happened was intentional.

Lucky enough we arrived at the school without doing anything weird. Remember am a prayer coordinator, an Adventist man. The principal called her daughter whom I was introduced too. The girl looked more or less of 17years. She was in form three. Adolescent was at it's peak in her. The progesterone and oestrogen were doing their work. I mean the girls feminine features were at their peak of formation. Her beauty activated my hyena mode. After a short talk, we agreed on how to be doing the remedial lessons and we were set to leave. The principal wanted us to leave her in school but Sandra (the principal's daughter) insisted that we come back with her. Madam tried to pursuade her in vain so we Carried her along. This was both to my advantage and disadvantage. The advantage was that the principal won't tempt me again and the disadvantage is that I still wanted to see what I saw which won't be possible with Sandra around. Because of the nature of Madam's dress, I was forced to drive back.

We arrived in school at Cardinal Otunga at six and since it was a Saturday, the girls were having entertainment. I parked the vehicle and I was about to leave when Sandra called me back " Mwalimu tunaanza leo kusoma" she implored. Huyu mtoto anataka nini? We had agreed to start learning the following weekend but she had a sudden change of mind. I agreed. Her mother set the table for the study, as she was doing this her phone rang. The expression on her face after receiving the call indicated an emergency. She told me that her mother was hospitalized and therefore she has to rush there. She also told me to be free and not to leave before she comes back. Hehe maajabu kuwacha fisi amlinde mbuzi.

The moment the principal stepped out of the house, Sandra came out of her room and told me point blank, "Mwalimu imenipendeza, na ninakutaka. Nataka uwe chali yangu and to drive her point home she went out to confirm if in deed the mother had left. When she came back she locked the door behind her, dropped the kikoi she was covering herself with and there she was semi nude. Mwalimu unanionaje? She asked without any iota of fear. I remained silent. Speechless. She came close to me held my hand and led me towards her bedroom. I tried to resist but the hyena in me overpowered me. I followed her without further questions.

When we reached there she removed all her clothes and jumped on the bed. "Teacher I want to loose my virginity to you." She said. My mind ran quickly, indeed if she is a virgin then I have allot of work. But since it was her decision I started to prepare her, I sucked her boobs, kissed her caressed her sucked her Clitoris until she was all wet and moaning, I tried to finger her but true to her word she was a virgin. I pulled her legs apart and tried to penetrate her, my Iheanacho refuse to slide and she quickly tightened her hips. Mmmmm the hide and seek game began. I went back to square one. I touched her, preparing her again. I sucked her Clitoris using my d*ck to stimulate it until she squirt. Her fluid lubricating my Egweji. I played with my d*ck around the entrance teasing her as if I was entering until she relaxed. I then pushed it in with some force and because it was well lubricated it went in without much struggle. She returned her thighs together chocking my d*ck and making it hard for me to pump. I played around with her and after sometime she relaxed her hips again, I pumped gently ensuring I don't hurt her. She climaxes around four times. When my turn came she held me tight and sucked every drop of my sperms. Thank you teacher please don't tell my mother she told me. Hehe how can I say such a thing to your mother? I will be mad. I left her in the room and went to the sitting room. After around twenty minutes she came smiling shyly. "I had missed this sweetness for a long time, promise me you won't leave me" she plead. The rest is history

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