Team Dry Fry: Mlika mwizi that can test HIV

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The technique for drawing blood is what i don't like.The day they will invent a way of drawing blood without pricking finger is when i will truly rejoice.
Hii gadget nikishika naomba admission team mafisi

A new medical accessory developed by researchers at Columbia Engineering can detect HIV and syphilis in patients using a $34 smartphone accessory that duplicates test functions that normally requires $18,000 worth of medical equipment.

The new dongle draws power from a headphone jack and performs three types of tests — an HIV antibody test, a treponemal-specific antibody test, and a non-treponemal antibody test. These latter tests are for syphilis, but the lab equipment required to implement them is far too expensive for many hospitals or clinics in the developing world to implement.

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