Team Russia a little something to wet your knickers.


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It seems Americans are too mean and won't let hoi polloi enjoy their machines. But these Russians will readily let you touch space... literally. Unaona the earth's curve quite clearly, for a hefty price of course.

Flat earthers what say you?



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Russia started these tourist rides after their financial crisis in the 90s. They offer these rides in conjunction with high end space adventure tour companies like MIG FLUG. MIG FLUG is a Swiss adventure company, with dozens of jets in select cities around the world.

To experience the above, (inaitwa MIG FLUG experience) in Russia it will cost you kshs. 1.7 million for 45 minutes in space plus a tour of their facilities.... which includes limo ride from hotel to site etc.

For a similar MIG FLUG package in Canada , in a Mig 29 Fulcrum unalipa kshs. 1.9 million for 60 minutes to see the edge of space, 22 km above sea level.

But you are not an astronaut yet. To be considered an astronaut you must pass the Karman line or fly 100km above the earth. The Karman line marks the boundary between the earth and space. It is where the atmosphere is believed to truly end and space begins.

That is also where a country's border is supposed to end. So Kenya ends 100km up and beyond that is free space. Of course U.S hapan tambua such rules.

The Mig29 Fulcrum flies to around 22km above the earth's surface.
The F35 does around 20km but who knows...

The American U2 spyplane also has a ceiling of about 22km above the earth.
The difference between the U2 and the MIG is that the MIG can't go faster or higher for too long being a jet and all.

The highest you can do as a tourist in Canada after the Mig29 ride was the propsed Xcor Lynx space flight at a crazy 62km above the earth surface.

You would have needed kshs. 16 million for just a 1 hour ride, but hio project ilikwama.