Teargas Tuesday Reloaded

kah tony

Village Elder
Uhuru and Ruto are treading very carefully considering that they have once been at the chopping board of the ICC.

It's like déjà vu



Village Elder
Quote the constitution when it's convenient to them, then violate it with impunity when it doesn't. This time round police should aim a teargas canister right inside Orengo's vehicle.
While at it there should be one shooting at the tyres to flatten the damn thing...

Tuone sasa Kama ni kukimbia hawajui ile inafanya they scream their lungs out and talk shit inside their moti's...


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Matiang'i alisema "no political gatherings allowed". Expect bloodied orangutangs all over the news today. The boycotters strength will be measured today and tomorrow. Its good wanapatia cops drills for Thursday onwards