Teeth Sharpening, the passion gap and teeth based beauty

Many African and Melanesian / Oaceanian Tribes use teeth sharpening as a method to enhance beauty. Others Break some teeth
The Afar of Ethiopia, Eritrea and Djibouti Sharpen their teeth using files, and sometimes, anything that can do it.
download.jpg images (1).jpg sharpened-teeth_7-ethnic-body-modifications-from-around-the-world.jpg
The Mbutu pigmies of the Congo
Dogon of West Africa
Mentawai of Oacenia
download (1).jpg download (2).jpg mantawai-teeth.jpg

Here is how some do it

* imagine fighting with a woman who has sharpened teeth. You is dunnn, you is history. Bj would be a story for another day.


A practice unique to the Cape Coloreds of South Africa, these guys knock out the front teeth to look attractive. Absent front teeth are a mark of attractiveness among these guys.

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My Take

Kila Nyani na starehe zake, The Only gap I find attractive in teeth is the diastema. What my people call isang'ari and our neighbors to the south call it Rambanya. I always freeze when I see a beautiful nya-Rambanya. Our majority Bantu kin call it thenya i believe


And I prefer accessories to physical modification


Sand sana wadau.
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