Telkom are deliberately fluctuating their internet to avoid lower estimates on speed testing platforms.


Village Elder
Internet is really slow. A look at the network performance tab in Task Manager shows the numbers aren't quite consistent. From 0kbps to 5 or even 7Mbps but at split seconds. 0-200-0-300-0-200-0-3Mbps-0-......... This rapid fluctuation isn't enough to load some webpages let alone stream low-bitrate audio.
Now doing speed tests to address forward shows what one is clearly not experiencing since it shows a specific higher number.
I've always vouched for Telkom after moving from Airtel but the painstaking decision to purchase Sufferingcon data bundles isn't what one has to go through to complete their work.


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Telkom mi nilihama siku walikua wanajiita "orange" na walikua na unlimited 30 days for 1k...wakajiona wajanja wakaweka 30GB... Ghaseer meffi