Tembea Mzansi


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Don't you think if it was about colonialism SA would be worse? I think it's about competition or lack of and also too much money from the black market circulating in Kenya. It's also the reason real estate in SA is more reasonable

Each colonialist had his style of handling the negro as I'm sure you remember from you primary or highschool history classes. The French and Portuguese for instance preferred assimilation. Absorbing the negro and destroying his Africanness. A recipe for utter chaos in former French or Belgian colonies as African tribes compete to see who is more French than the other. In Rwanda for instance the Tutsi were viewed as the advantaged lot by the Hutus.

The British colonialist meanwhile had airs. Nobility sort of. Especially the settlers who were sent to Kenya by the king and later the queen, they were often of noble stock.

They were cultured, and their capitalist ethic somewhat fostered some sort of stability in their post independence African colonies.

Their style wasn't really to write on doors "blacks only" or "whites only"... their style was to humiliate your pocket (as well as use of force of course).

They preffered to make you know you can't have. You can't AFFORD Muthaiga. You can't play golf, it's for us. And if you go to Muthaiga, they leave.

You can't afford this hotel or this hospital or this school or this bank, so please don't try to even go there. You see Norfolk over there just pass and go. Sio yenu. (But the young kids are breaking these rules and stereotypes coz they don't see the lines on the ground. Hawajui. Hawatambui.)

The African status quo who took over power and were often educated in England continued perpetuating that culture i.e. The Jomos, the Njonjos etc.

That's why these new African leaders locked money and property to themselves. To maintain that edge, that divide, over you the hoi polloi who couldn't afford a night at the Stanley like them, the nouveau riche. They have, you don't have. They can, you can't.

So in your hoi polloi mind they are smarter than you and deserve to lead you. A trick Kenyan politicians use to this very day. Ukimwuona na prado then to you it means he must know what he is doing.

The boers in S.A meanwhile were pure racist brutal pigs who preffered FORCE only. They assumed the negro was an idiot,period.

The boers are not cultured. They are white niggers for lack of a better word. That's why after the end of apartheid it was easier for an uneducated black South African to adopt a boer lifestyle than it was for a Kenyan hoi polloi to integrate with a British lifestyle.

And the use of force and gruffness rubbed on to the colonized.

You'll see the likes of Cyril Ramaphosa living with whites but in Kenya you don't even see the Britons. They are there but you don't see them. If you blacks start going to where they eat they move out.

And that applies to costing in that the boer assumed that there is no day ever that the African will set foot in his hotel. So he kept prices low and normal. The Briton saw that day coming and from day 1 kept all his prices "EXCLUSIVE".