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  1. Soprano

    Soprano Village Elder


    Dear Soprano

    Nice to talk with you,

    Sending you,

    2013 silver

    4 grade,

    Millage 50

    2500 CC







    BEST CIF Price , It will cost you around $15000 at Mombasa port including all charges like Car cost+shiiping cost+ yard charges+inspection+our services,
    There is no hidden charges. Our vehicles always in good and running condition, We do inspect each and everything before shipping, If we found condition of cars is not good, We never ship hose vehicle,
    Our aim to provide better services to our customers tnan others, Thats is why our customers are fully satisfied with us.

    For any questions, contact us at under signed.

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  2. Afro

    Afro Village Elder

    Osungu yao needs a bit of tuninng
  3. Philip J. Fry

    Philip J. Fry Village Elder

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  4. ndume

    ndume Village Elder

    plus duty, it is expensive. Tena millage ya 50, siamini, how? That is a lie, there is something they do that we dont know
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  5. bure

    bure Village Elder

    for an sti the price is within the range..mileage yeah...maybe 50k
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  6. jaymoh

    jaymoh Village Elder

    Kama si siasa ni c&p za gari ama simu
  7. Female Perspective

    Female Perspective Village Elder

    Hi @Soprano
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  8. Soprano

    Soprano Village Elder

    Mi staki!
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  9. Female Perspective

    Female Perspective Village Elder

    Kwako ni free! As long as utanibeba na hii gari smart hivi..
  10. Soprano

    Soprano Village Elder

  11. memyself

    memyself Village Elder

    Shooting from the hip. I like that.

    I hate bullshitters.
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  12. introvert

    introvert Village Sponsor

    Hata yako.
  13. Afro

    Afro Village Elder

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  14. A.G.

    A.G. Village Elder

    pu**y magnet hii.
  15. Manu55

    Manu55 Senior Villager

    Saw this one on sale going for around the same price.
    _3_.jpg _5_.jpg
  16. kah tony

    kah tony Village Elder

    @Soprano first and foremost before you place that bid, how do you buy a Subaru STI that is automatic transmission? That is a faux pas. I didn't even know they came in auto.
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  17. Soprano

    Soprano Village Elder

    I can't, my Friend. I am not a lad anymore. These kind of cars are for youngsters.
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  18. 1776

    1776 Village Elder

    That car is sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! Too low for my liking though. I sat in one and I felt like I was sitting on the tarmac.

    Fast and stable piece. Even the purring sound is just majestic.

    The other one has a bad colour. The pearlescent is bleh!
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  19. kalenjinkirdit

    kalenjinkirdit Village Elder

    Subaru messed up with their cars after 2007 shape ya all subarus ziliharibika
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  20. ebbie

    ebbie Village Elder

    its a dissapointment for subaru lovers coz sijaskia kama iko na ile roaring sound..but nice car anyway