Tension as leaflets warning non locals to leave Kapsaret circulate


Village Elder
I know it's politically incorrect to say this, but Kalenjins na vita go hand in hand. These retards have waged war on every community neighboring them. Mara it's fighting Luos along the Kisumu - Nandi border, juzi it was with the Maasai huko Transmara, then sometimes back last year around March wakaanza vita along the Nandi Kakamega border.

Stupid idiots..

Kahuni Maisha

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Hapo Kapsaret ndio home ground ya Sudi, the guy should be VVV Careful, as he may end in unfortunate situations of being made the face of violence, just like the Ngirita were, with NYS.

RV Pundit

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Ruto thinks that the presidency is reserved for him. Kalejinga if we cut off western part na from nakuru they can't survive na hio mahindi yao na hizo majani chai.
Generally, most sensible kenyans would rather not get into that kind of stupidity, it would affect everything.

Cheza juu

Village Elder
I once observed people contesting for state/national positions should not partake the in tribal leadership coronations because they end up behaving like tribal kings cross nstead of state officers,it also confused his tribal followers who fail to differentiate Republic of Kenya laws and their tribal believes.

So they might be thinking ruto is an orkoyot they need to go fight anyone holding him accountable.

Alternatively such cases can easily be used to undermine rutos ambitions,it's up to him to preach peace in the valley


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but why do they have to wait until elections to kill people. why not just kill people on any other day and prove your point. What is special about killing peple on election day. Maybe ni juu hizi mbwa za media hutumi hiyo time kupump watu full of hate. I wonder when this fuckwits will realize how much of a role they play in making Kenya unsafe. By the way I recently leaned that even after WW2, no journalist was put in jail at the international nuremburg courts. Can you imagine that, Kenyan media are the only ones to have one of their own put on trail for human rights violations at an international court and the whole world supported it