Terrific and wonderful countryside


Village Elder
Acre kama 200K.
15 minutes away from Mombasa.
Governor Mvurya is jealously working for his people. Piped water everywhere and a permanently on site grader ready to repair the roads after they are washed away by the rains.
Lete wrink leader.

Mrs Shosho

There used to be a site I frequented called Skyscappercity- https://www.skyscrapercity.com that covered urban development but ungepata a few za rural Africa. Guys there had dope cameras which took seriously clear photos.
...I seriously need advice here for real and I know you know the stuff I need to know...kuhama Lando to the outskirts. You have been mean with hekayas by not posting them.....as you are one of the most prolific Kenyan writers that I know of. Shindwe wewe ;).
Having said that a mutual friend hit my email inbox out of the blues last week after years. Nilifurahi saaaaaaana. We are meeting up for a coffee this summer and I told her I must tag you along, she was so happy. Check box.....as you guess who she is....

Mieeeen she is doing so well!!! In Kenya and the UK.
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