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  1. Jay Ule Msee

    Jay Ule Msee Village Elder

    I love to read. One of the many rabbit holes on the internet where I can spend uninterrupted time reading is www.textfiles.com/directory.html. It is a gold mine of information with many categories. Mimi kama mtu ya IT imenisaidia sana. Take a peek, you may find a gem in there.

    If there is a similar site you know of acha link pia.
  2. Marty McFly

    Marty McFly Village Elder

    The warez theme if you know what I mean is like I have gone back in time.
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  3. snapdragon

    snapdragon Village Elder

    me too ,while other are busy chattin on wasup na fukbook. I enjoy some some mazagines Screenshot_20170715-083741.png
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  4. john_doe

    john_doe Village Elder

    Asande I got a tablet specifically for reading ebooks and magazines
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  5. mtuko2

    mtuko2 Senior Villager

    Vipi Nisukumie Hio hardware hacker
  6. snapdragon

    snapdragon Village Elder


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  7. Boeing

    Boeing Villager

    What is this app and wea do you get your reads?
  8. snapdragon

    snapdragon Village Elder

    The app is called eReader Prestigio from playstore
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  9. pseudonym

    pseudonym Village Elder

    One of my greatest fear is I will pass on from this world without reading all the great books the universe has to offer...I create time whenever I can to catch up....but there's so much content out there. Thanks for the link .
  10. Boeing

    Boeing Villager

    Thank. Checking it out ASAP!
  11. Airtel

    Airtel Senior Villager

    Nitafutieni strength of materials by RS khurmi. Nitawaalika graduation nikipita.
  12. dennis_darren

    dennis_darren Villager

    Check out the Strategic Intelligence Library (SIC) on the darkweb. Tons of classified documents, lifehacks, military and intelligence/counter intelligence training manuals etc
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  13. Boeing

    Boeing Villager

    Is it safe via Orbot on android ama nitry Torbrowser?
  14. dennis_darren

    dennis_darren Villager

    I used tor last time I checked it out