Thanks to irresponsible SCOK judges and NASA protests, Kenya's economy is headed to a recession


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The UN has cancelled a global conference in Nairobi thanks to poll uncertainty.

KRA is missing revenue targets.

International Investors are taking their money elsewhere, thanks to poll uncertainty.

GDP growth has been revised downwards to 5.5% thanks to never ending politics and instability.

@pseudonym can't import dragon beads worth billions of shillings, because, let's wait for the polls to end.

We are literally held at ransom by the polls. We are told unless Raila's demands are met and his ego messaged, we'll never come out of this captivity.

As a member of Nairobi Business Community, nimechoka!!!!!!



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How about blaming IEBC and whoever they were working with to steal votes for the situation we are in? And it is not like we have had the best economic growth rate in the world for the past 5 years (hint: our economy has been growing slower than that of Tz despite the massive borrowing)


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This protracted political period has not been easy... order books remain soft, the real estate slowdown is affecting steel and cement business, - KAM

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Uhuru and his govt, IEBC, Raila wooote ni makei ya uwesmake. Kubaff kabisa. Blame game ndio yao. Chest thumping, entitlement, seceding.....we really have to rethink once again if if these idiots we call president and the like really deserve. Won't dare making my finger dirty again ju ya hawa wajinga.
If you dont vote dont complain of bad leadership
Where were you tukizusha kwamba Eurobond/NYS/SGR funds cannot be accounted for, or whose costs have been inflated & monies used to line individual pockets.

Money that could have been used to cushion our economy during electioneering period.

Money meant for nurses & C.O's is unaccounted for yet you blame the electioneering period ??!!

Kila siku ni maajabu tunaona.