That day

Aaaa. Refreshing.

Now, onto my first hekaya on this handle.

There is this gal.
Was a friend in th village, same age but nikamkatia akajidai virgin. (Kukaziwa na wazazi)

FF 01. Tukaenda campus. Weeeee, wazimu! Pombe. Sema Alkoho!

Once alinimbia anipigie bj Tacos, in publik...aii! not that advencharas.

Swali ni'; mbona watoto was pastor wakienda campus/college huwa wanararukiwa?


Eeh...sidhani hio ni hekaya .The obvious answer to your question is the kids grew in a restricted environment and suddenly they move out and they have all this freedom in their hands.This tends to make them go overboard for awhile.