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The bar is so low yet women still manage to fail in relationships


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Women genuinely shock me tbh, I don't understand how they still manage to fail time and time again when things are so easy and with a wealth of information provided to them.
Ask any man and they'll tell you, we want a woman who's feminine, attractive (if we're already with them that's already sorted), loyal, well mannered, patient, interesting, and understanding (in terms of expectations). Initiating sex is a huge plus as well.
Nothing more really, that covers pretty much everything.
And that isn't a big ask from men, it's not something hard to give your man, yet women still manage to fail time and time again.
You see men as sort of slaves or SIMPS that are here to serve you while you give so little in return, mostly in the form of sex. You overvalue that thing between between your legs too much and when 30 comes knocking, or if you're stubborn and hold out till you're in your late 30's & early 40's and are hurtling at the wall full force, you start blaming men for your singlehood quipping, "men don't want to commit", "all men want is sex" etc.
And you'd be right, because men struggle to justify having you in their life if all you have to offer is sex.
And something worth noting as well, we're not interested in your money or your degrees, that doesn't add much value to you as a spouse, we want a woman with the qualities listed above, if you don't have them or aren't willing to even learn, suffer the consequences of your choices and enjoy being a fucktoy till menopause...
Dating wrong women problems. "You attract what you are" @Finest wine
Mi huambiwa hutu tubrathe hapa that compatibility pale kwa courtship ni muhimu sana. If there are things that do not work hapo ujue they will be 'magnified' further down the road. Get someone you agree with on a wide range of issues not all.
Lakini in short....hapo kwa your bold print ni ukweli kapsaaa. Cos there are guys that can hit on me consistently najichukia already hihihihi....I feel insulted.


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Women change after they get in relationships, or worse, marriage.
You don't leave the woman you got together with, they feed you bullshit then the real them slowly starts to appear afterwards.
Before uvishe pete ama umtie mimba she is all over your body, giving you head, doggie, spooning, cuddling, ng'inyo ng'inyo ng'inyo like 3 time a days hadi unatemebea kama mtu kiuno imekatika but after you put a ring on it all these are withdrawn