The black man is the most easily conquered man


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The black man is the most easiest conquered man on earth and this is why he wears not his name but a name given to him by white and arab men, or practise his religion but a religion brought to him by white and arab men. He is passive and docile when there are other man around which is why his resources is not owned by him but by foreign men. Today he is ready to be subjugated yet by another man, the asian man. He is now willingily learning Mandarin and soon enough will probably be changing his name to Jing Yuan Zhao and embracing the asian mans culture because his natural position is to be subjugated by other men. A0B39BE5-5B88-440B-A115-8A56E92F5A8C.jpeg
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We complained of suffering under omusungu for years. Some of us cite that as the reason why for 50 years we have had independence, we are unable to provide water to ourselves as floods carry away our meagre belongings. We approach elections the same way we approach a Gor Mahia vs AFC Leopards match then whine for five years before rinsing and repeating.
Now, enter the China man and we will whine for another 100 years how being colonised by the Chinese messed up; we the most intelligent people.