the black man

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Recently i came across this theory that the black man originated from noah's son who laughed at his fathers(noah) nakedness and was thus cursed to be a slave of his brothers.I think this is rather true, just admit it, the black man is a slave to the other races.Also i came across this article about thomas jefferson's view on races, he believed that blacks were inherently inferior to whites but where superior in musical ability.This also makes some sense, just look at the music industry world wide, it's dominated by blacks, rap, soul, RnB, pop, gospel, crunk.The black man is superior in music, what do you think about this line of thought.?


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in 1843 THE QUEENS POWER WAS SO SCARY. ka unadai pic ya iyo story picture your self ukiwa na uoga then u post it


I had read somewhere sometime back that Noah named the supposed cursed son Ham which meant dark. He also named his other son Japheth which meant fair..He named them so because of their complexion. If I decide to go by this theory then that means there was pigmentation differences in Noahs family even before the curse.
My point is maybe we'll never know exactly...We can only read theories and chose to agree or disagree with them.. After all, they're nothing else but the writers thoughts.
lol eti comp what? ni kama mtu alinyemelea
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