The Black Templar/Meria Mata/Deorro/Kimakia etc Cheki Maneno folks

There is a bike sales shop pale sarit na pia ridgways mall( dont know if the latter is still open lakini) you should get a bunch of them like 20 in a packet huko plus a repair kit.

Ama uende kwa any shop ya boda boda and ask for them there.


Wadau I recently got into weekend bike riding and acquired one. I would like to know where I can get these patches for puncture repair. In two weeks I have had two punctures and such stuff should be DIY at home sorted kind of issues no need to look for a fundi.


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There is a component they put on the tyre zinakuwa kama tubeless.I have been running in it for the last one year.
Sikumbhki but at your free time nenda pale lavington. Place inaitwa GreenCycle,utasaidika.Damej ni 2k
Ukikosa itabidi u-import, naona Aliexpress zinauzwa bei ya kutupa.
But hizi patch zinakaa solution ya slay king, puncture nakumbuka ulikuwa unaeka tube mzee standby. Alafu unaikata, unaigwara na kitu ka hacksaw ikue rough kiasi, unapaka Dunlop na kufunika hiyo puncture.
Or tafuta tube mzee the open it up on inner radius and insert the new tube ndani. You will technically have two tubes in the tyre. It works like magic...