The British Technical Education, why did we get it wrong.

Kahuni Maisha

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The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was based on the same Curriculum that The Brits delivered to us.
What went wrong, that our technical institutions are almost dead ?


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Our problem is not the education system, it is dishonesty and corruption. People eat money for buying teaching aids they they turn around and tell teachers "please improvise" you were taught sciences using a textbook instead of lab activities, what do you expect? With corruption all over I can confidently assure us that the new curriculum will not be a game changer at all. It fail before even being established because the same people who killed 8-4-4 are the ones expected to run the new curriculum which will only act as a cash cow for tenderprenuers as alot of money for infrastructure and facilities will soon be flowing out through the hands of perrenial addicts of stealing.
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They went for the money. What business did The Kenya Polytechnic have going to teach mass communication? They don't even do it well by the way.

edit- but we had messed it all up with the politically-driven 8-4-4.
8-4-4 was never the problem. The problem is how it was implemented.