The dude was married. He even wore a ring.

Azor Ahai

Village Elder
But the guys look good together. Perfect match. Something seriously bad must have happened.
Me thinks that was his wife/current baby mama. Probably broke his heart and he descended into alcoholism. I am a fan but I can see that midlife crisis has hit him hard. At least he is trying to hustle his way out. Akimaximize on his fame he can build some good passive income investments (online and offline) zimlee akizeeka.


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The guys found an outlet that made him famous and could attract jobs and he grabbed on.
It could be a phase in life he's going through, Maisha ni panda shuka, in no specific order...


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Kibe was even a married pastor with a kid before he came face to face with the TRUE NATURE OF WOMEN. My guy never recovered after being hit by that truck......alipotelea kwa pombe na malaya before he got his bearings back. Now he's red-pilled mbaya.
He learned the hard way .We can learn from these examples or we can lie to ourselves that ''my marriage/woman is different "